Don't gasp. Don't check to see if you're on the right blog... this is INDEED a **CURRENT** session! I actually just did this session last weekend! This, in no way, means I'm caught up - I have about 50 sessions I never blogged :( but I'm going to start where I'm at and do some blast from the past posts to give some blog lovin' to my old sessions. :)

Jason & Lisa are a wonderful couple who we've had the privilege of knowing for several years! I was so excited when they called me to do their family's pictures this year because their kids grow exponentially cuter each time I see them! Plus, last year we did their pictures it was FREEZING and we weren't able to do a traditional shoot. This year was a blast - thanks for braving the ghetto with me guys! I hope you love your pictures!

This little girl cracks me up. She's her Mommy in a 3 year old's body. She puts all other kids to shame with her insane intellect... and with those curl she's a package deal. :)

Julia 1 blog

Julia 2 bw blog

*fave. :)
Jack 2 grunge blog

It seriously doesn't get any cuter than this!

Jack 1 blog

I think if these were my kids I'd get this blown up as a huge canvas on my wall and decorate around it. :)

Julia & Jack 1 blog

Dananay Family 1 vintage blog

Jason & Lisa blog

Thanks again guys!