Nothing is quite as flattering as having someone book you to do their wedding photography, especially when they don't know you personally! Because I'm a 100% referral based business (you can tell I don't even advertise via blog much!) it means a lot to me when people book me.... it usually means they know someone else who was happy with my work.

I'm excited to be shooting Brent & Corinne's wedding next month! This will be my last wedding before maternity leave so I plan on going out with a bang. If they turn out nearly as awesome as their engagement pictures I think we'll all be thrilled.... then again, I'm not sure its possible for this couple to take one single bad picture. :)

Brent & Corinne 26 vintage blog

Brent & Corinne 43 bw blog

Brent & Corinne 19 vintage blog

Brent & Corinne 1 blog

Brent & Corinne 35 vintage blog

Brent & Corinne 37 bw blog

Brent & Corinne 70 bw blog

Brent & Corinne 50 vintage blog

Brent & Corinne 92 blog

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