Tom & Bridget got married this January and trusted me to capture their day. Bridget is one of the most beautiful girls, inside and out, I have ever known and I know she is wildly happy with Tom.

Gorgeous, right?

He's a stud, himself.

These guys agree.

Pucker up Tommy. :)

Tom & Bridget's lives revolve around God. They have purposed to allow Him to transform the way they do everything, offering their whole lives as worship to Him.

And the church was packed out to see them start their lives together.

Celebrating communion together

Probably my favorite image from their day:


We wanted to take some pictures outside but it was like -25 and a blizzard.

They were troopers though.

Bridget, upon arriving at the reception hall. She is SO ready to party.

Spin City.

The big entrance.

This wedding was a serious throw down. Everyone danced all night long. It was a blast!

Tom & Bridget's first dance.

Tom, starting things off right.

This girl knows how to party.

So does her sister.

And her brother.

I like to pretend Shannon is reminiscing about big gorillas with Tom. :)

Everyone's favorite friend.

break it down ladies

I love this picture because this next couple started dating right after this wedding and I think this picture shows that latent "crush" if you will all over anna's face.

All in all everyone had a blast.

But the night had to end at some point.

Thanks Tom & Bridget. I look forward to sharing many memories to come in the future!