Someone graciously reminded me that they were waiting to see their friends pictures on my photography blog... and I was reminded of how infrequently I post my work! I guess I'm just so busy with everything else that I don't take the time to blog. But, excuses, excuses, right!? "They" say that a frequently updated blog will increase your business dramatically... but the truth of the matter is I'm busy enough! I love doing this but I don't want to make it a full time job. One session per week is more than enough for me and a couple of weeks ago I had three sessions in one week! So, needless to say I'm playing catch up!

However, I'll start posting more, I promise.

Here is an e-session (engagement session) I had the pleasure of doing for John & Stephanie a couple of weeks ago. These aren't all of them but enjoy!

One of the things that really struck me about John & Stephanie is that they laughed and enjoyed each other the ENTIRE time we were together. They both had a blast - though John could possibly make a career out of hamming it up in front of the camera! :) - and I enjoyed our session together SO MUCH! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage guys! I hope I make it to the wedding! (its a week before my due date. :))